One Leaf At A Time (OLAAT) began with a purpose of providing the general public with an organic tea blends range that were not only delicious to drink, but also therapeutic.  With this focus, OLAAT was born.  With over 40 blends, OLAAT has grown into the well-received brand that it is today.


It was paramount to OLAAT that only the finest ingredients were used in making each of the tea blends.  OLAAT looks at travel miles of an ingredient, how a herb is grown, harvested and dried to ensure only the highest quality of tea blends are created.


So why loose leaf and not tea bags?  OLAAT has listened to their consumer and it is for this reason have chosen to produce a loose leaf range of teas.  Consumers have said that loose leaf tea tends to taste and infuse better.  They also like the flexibility it gives them to how ‘strong’ a cuppa they want to make.  Having a loose leaf range also ensures the teas can be easily used to make hot tea infusions as well as iced tea drinks.





Candace Borg is the founder of OLAAT.  After completing her BioMedical Degree in 2002, Candace studied Naturopathy and immediately after graduating, started her own practise in 2008.  It was soon after that Candace wanted to provide her clients as well as the general public with a tea blend range that they could enjoy as apart of their daily routine.  With health as her passion, Candace is continually designing new herbal tea blends.  She is also never too far away to answer any questions you may have.  ​​