This organic drink has only the highest quality natural ingredient to help aid digestion and ease heart burn.


Additive and caffeine free, this drink is a delicious blend to help to restore gut lining, improve digestion and reduce heart burn.


Ingredients: Slippery Elm powder.

50g net


For therapeutic results - 1 teaspoon 2-3 times daily in a small amount of water.  Can also be sweetened with agave or made into a delicious cold drink with mint leaves, fresh lime or lemon slices and crushed ice - perfect for those warm summer days! 


Organic drink of therapeutic strength blended in store by the Owner/Naturopath Candace so its not only yummy but is good for you too.


  • OLAAT organic tea blends are packaged using biodegradable bags.  OLAAT cares not only cares about your health, but that of the environment too :)